sparkle & GRIT: Live a Technicolor Life By Finally Finding Balance, Escaping Monotony, and Beating Burnout 

Are you a professional mom in your fabulous 40s, trying to juggle career and family like a superhero? If so, my new book, sparkle & GRIT, is your roadmap to reclaiming your sparkle, beating burnout, and designing a life that’s authentically yours!

👩‍💼✨ Find the perfect balance between career and family. 

😅💪 Crush burnout with laughter and insight. 

🎨🌟 Design a life that reflects the real, wonderful YOU!

This isn’t your average self-help book—it’s your hilarious, wise, and oh-so-relatable guide to navigating life with sparkle & GRIT. 

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Still on the fence? 

Imagine having a savvy life coach right beside you, transforming the pages of sparkle & GRIT into a personalized coaching session. 

As you delve into the chapters, it’s like having your own cheerleader, whispering empowering insights and sharing laughter-infused wisdom. Whether you’re navigating the delicate dance of work-life balance, conquering burnout, or crafting a life that radiates authenticity, Wendy is there, virtually holding your hand through every revelation. Each turn of the page brings not just words, but a supportive nudge, a high-five of encouragement, and a burst of inspiration. Get ready to laugh, learn, and live your best life. 

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Wendy Meadows book sparkle and grit