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Wendy S. Meadows is the best-selling author of sparkle & GRIT: Live a Technicolor Life By Finally Finding Balance, Escaping Monotony, and Beating Burnout.  Wendy’s experience comes from her unique career path of family law attorney turned life coach. Named one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Maryland, with over 20 years of combined experience in litigating, mediating, coaching, and consulting, Wendy offers highly relatable and spot-on insight.  Today, you will see Wendy coaching clients, consulting for small firms, speaking at events, and mediating family law disputes.  In her free time, she enjoys playing in the water with her family and dreaming up her next travel extravaganza.  Connect with Wendy at wendysmeadows.com. 


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I have a special offer for your audience! As we’ve discussed, my coaching approach helps clients master the ability to to “pause time,” enabling them to reverse engineer their memories and fully embody their ideal selves each and every day. I’m excited to share this powerful technique and tool with your listeners. By signing up for the Pause Time Playbook, which is FREE, they’ll gain access to life-altering strategies that they can start using right away. the Pause Time Playbook is practical yet incredibly transformative. My clients often say that I “make change easy.” This resource is the epitome of that work. 


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My best-selling book! sparkle & GRIT:  Live a Technicolor Life By Finally Finding Balance, Escaping Monotony, and Beating Burnout.  It can be purchased on Amazon here

My companion workbook (there is a free download in my book, but readers may prefer a done-for-you spiral-bound option). Link here

Consultation Calls.  Listeners can book with me here

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