I woke up today and committed an old occupational hazard I thought I quit. I checked my work e-mail and started getting all sorts of riled up. Before my feet even hit the floor. I started trying to figure out the right way to respond, and instead of getting dressed in my workout gear in sleepy bliss, I was battling it out with said e-mail sender in my head. I was annoyed, frustrated, and searching for answers at 5 AM.

Ugh. This is NOT how I wanted to start my day.

Stressed out and frustrated middle aged woman staring into space and wishing she did not check e-mail first thing.

Then I thought, didn’t I write a blog post on this? Didn’t I give some spot-on advice about not checking work e-mail before you get out of bed? Yup. Way back when in February of 2020. Check it out here. In fact, I went even deeper than simply waiting to get out of bed. Please give it a read and see what I suggest! But then get your butt back over here. (Don’t worry, I made the link click open in a new tab for you).

That 2020 (pre-Covid) Wendy figured it out. Guess what? I realize I need to learn again from that Wendy. I am rereading it and soaking it in as well. I am learning from an excellent teacher about what works for ME because she knows me best. That Wendy had it together concerning keeping a clear head in the morning and she knows the recipe on how to get me back on track. I am all ears. I am listening. I am implementing.

Questions for You

What good habits did you used to have that you want to get back? Did you write them down anywhere? Can you go back to an old journal and read about some habits that worked well for you? Did you celebrate yourself for something awesome in the past? Are you able to adopt some of your good habits that you used to follow but somehow dropped along the way? Can you muster up the energy to celebrate yourself again?

Are you beating yourself up for not having anything written down and not having a journal? Stop that. Right now. You can always start today. It can be an old spiral notebook, it can be one of those super cute journals you pick up while waiting to check out of Home Goods, or if you want to go a step further, this is hands down the one I always come back to: The Five Minute Journal.

image of 5 minute journal

Inspiration for this Post

You all should also know . . . my husband inspired this realization about trusting the old Wendy. Last night he told me a story he found on TikTok. In short, a contractor gets a call, and the caller ID pops up as “Client Oh the F No!”. He recalls he had saved this contact about 7 years ago. When asked if he was going to answer the call, contractor dude says, “Heck no! I trust myself! I know I don’t want to do business with that person!” If you want to see the TikTok, here it is! (If you have littles, wait until they are not around – language!).

We can learn a lot from this TikTok character. We must trust our gut instincts. We need to remember what (and who) works well for us and who does not. We must not forget the adage “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” In short, trust the best and true parts of the old you.

Just like that guy, I trust the advice dished out about that Wendy almost two years ago. I need to listen to her.

What Now?

Do you still feel stuck?

Do you want to get back to the old you?

Or, do you want to adopt new habits?

Remember, I have a solution that is personally tailored for you!

I have found that you will start to get unstuck with a listening ear, undivided attention, and accountability. That is what I can 100% provide to you, as that is what a life coach does.

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Or, if you already know where you need to go, I would love to hear more! I would appreciate it if you could comment below with the good habits you used to adore but need to find a way to utilize again.

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