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Hey there!  Welcome to the sparkle & GRIT resources page.  I am PUMPED that you are ready to do the GRIT-work.  

Please bookmark this page so you can return to it as often as you like.  Assuming technology works, you should also have a link to this page in your email inbox. I encourage you to save the e-mail so you can find your way back here!  

First – download the sparkle & GRIT workbook (click this link or the image below) to download your free PDF copy.  If you would rather buy a done-for-you spiral-bound beauty, please click here. We found an amazing company who does a beautiful job with spiral-binding and printing the GRIT-workbook for WAY cheaper than you could find at the “big” stores by you. 

Second – take a quick scroll and see what I have for you below! I update this page occasionally with new links, ideas, etc., so you can check out some new things when you return! 

Third – are you ready for the sparkle & GRIT journal?  It is in the works!  Click here to make sure you are on the waitlist! I anticipate it being ready in November/December 2023. 

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sparkle & GRIT Playlist

What are you waiting for?  Get listening already! I even added some other good songs to the end! 

Spotify sparkle & GRIT playlist

Chapter Three

I talk about VISION a few times when I talk about sparkle.  You may be wondering what I mean about vision. Or,  you may want to take a WAY deeper dive. Yes! I have a resource for you! 

My favorite way to dig deep and create a VISION that is aligned with my Compass and Battle Cry is rooted in #futureboards by Sarah Centrella. I talk about #futureboards more in a blog post I wrote here. I cannot recommend this book enough! You can purchase it on Amazon by clicking the book image below using my affiliate link. 

Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, I refer you Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s website.  If you would like to take a gander, click here.  I could get lost scrolling through these images! 

Chapter Five

Have you decided upon your anchor yet? Here are a few ways to get you started! 


As you read already, my Sweat began with Shaun T’s T25. When this was released, it was a part of something called Beachbody, now called BODi. I highly recommend most of the programs BODi has to offer. They are effective, efficient, and motivating. Full disclosure: I was an active Beachbody coach for a long time and still have an affiliate link. Purchasing via the links here will result in a commission to me. If you are looking for a more active coach, please message me, and I will do my best to find you a coach to serve your needs best! 

Click here to try out BODi for a day.

Click here to sign up for a year’s worth of on-demand and live online classes. (Think the Netflix of Fitness!) 

Click here to find some sample workouts – no credit card required!

In addition to BODi, I love my Peloton. I ESPECIALLY love the yoga classes on the Peloton app as well as the outdoor runs. You can follow me on Peloton at sparkleGRIT. If you are brand new to Peloton and finally ready to make the plunge and get the bike or tread (or rower!), use my link, and we both get $100.00 of accessories (their sports bras are bomb-diggity). 

BODi and Peloton are my go to’s! I would love to hear what works best for you! When you do sweat (and post that sweaty selfie), remember to tag it with #sparkleandGRIT so I can see what is working for you!

Reading List

Here is a link to some of my absolute faves when it comes to personal development. 


The sparkle & GRIT journal is underway!  We are looking at a November/December 2023 publication date, just in time to start the new year.  If you are dying to have a more structured journal now and don’t want to wait, I recommend The Five Minute Journal.

Meditations I Love (Coming Soon and updated from time to time!)

Chapter Seven

By now, you know how much I love Trello! Click here to see a sample Trello Board I created! To make one of your own:

1) Click here to see the Board I have for you 

2) That will take you to my Board or to sign up for Trello (sign up!)

3) Click the blue button on top of the page that says “Create board from template”

4) There you go! Have fun dragging, dropping, and adding new items. When you have finished something, move the “card” over to the Ta Da! List. (Man, does that feel good!) 

Chapter Ten

Meme Time!  Here is one of my favorites! 

This sums things up pretty well!  I believe it was first crafted on an Instagram account called @yellowstonememes

Work with me!

As I mentioned at the end of the GRIT-workbook, we have a special opportunity to work together! At the present time, I have the following offerings. 

sparkle & GRIT Group Coaching

How better to learn and integrate the sparkle & GRIT experience than to do it in real-time and with the accountability of a coach and a group!?  Group coaching takes place once per week for eight weeks and is limited to 8 participants. All calls are recorded.  Click here to see the current times and dates offered. 

sparkle & GRIT 1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to really dig in and experience the amazingness of 1:1 life coaching?  In our 1:1 time together, we will have eight sessions to dig deep, find your sparkle, and have an extra push as Wendy will hold you to your GRITTY potential. We will book these sessions in a way that best fits your schedule.  As an added bonus, you will also get to experience the sparkle & GRIT Collective. To be used within six months. Click here if you are a HECK YES! 

sparkle & GRIT – signature call – Get unStuck

Not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching or eight weeks of group . . . but still need some sparkle & GRIT magic in your life?  I got you. I offer a 90-minute call with a follow-up GRIT plan. This is a great option if you are on the fence but just know you need something more. Click here to schedule. 

Hire me to Speak at your Next Event!  

Whether you need a keynote speaker or want to host an interactive sparkle & GRIT workshop, we will ensure your audience has fun and leaves energized with sparkle & GRIT potential! 

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you!