Wendy is a fantastic coach, advisor and confidante. She is exceptional at getting to the root of issues, motivating improvement, and providing accountability, all while being incredibly supportive and compassionate. Wendy’s genuine desire to help people aim for, and embrace, their best selves makes her so good at what she does. With this intense desire to facilitate the transformation from where one is to where one wants to be, she then applies her vast know-how to identify and then coach through the challenges to reach real and meaningful results. In doing this work, Wendy is always authentic, sharing her own experiences and mistakes to show what works and doesn’t work, and together helps her clients eradicate barriers thoughtfully and effectively. Wendy is a true gem!

Heather Batzel
Attorney and fellow Law Mom

“I enjoyed my session with Wendy. Wendy was professional and inspiring and supportive. I feel buoyed by our interaction and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and venture down a new life path.”

Adena Santiago

“Wendy is amazing! The coaching session helped bring clarity to something I have been struggling with. She immediately was able to get underneath where I was lost and through the conversation knew how to help me draw out the right conclusion. Since we talked, I have done some research and have a plan in place. I highly recommend a session with Wendy.”

Shelley G.

“I loved my session with Wendy! I found it very helpful in getting focused and ready for the next thing in my life. She was able to coach me by listening carefully, asking the right questions and giving me an appropriate assignment in order to get motivated and begin the process to actively get unstuck. I highly recommend trying out a session, you will not regret it! It will also leave you wanting more from Wendy in what she has to offer you! The more sessions you have, the more you will get out of it!” 

Alissa H.

“Wendy knows the struggle of being a working mom, trying to do all the things, and still being true to herself. I immediately felt like I was talking to a friend! A friend who has been in my shoes and knows the way out.”

Mary C.

“Wendy was super helpful in trying to focus my goals and make them attainable and achievable!”

Beth Rupp

“Wendy exceeded all expectations for my first life coaching session. She really seemed to understand and had great suggestions for moving forward.”


“Wendy’s style and personality made it easy to connect and openly discuss my thoughts and feelings. She was able to assess the situation and ask good questions to help me focus. In a short period of time, Wendy helped me to create a concrete plan for next steps. My work with Wendy was invaluable. In short, Wendy offered hope that I can find my way to the life I want to create.”

Fellow Attorney and law Mom

“I’ve known Wendy the better part of my life. We are very similar in how our minds work at warp speed. For me it has presented as much more of a curse than a blessing. However, watching Wendy over the years she has found a way to navigate and harness this issue into a gift not a detriment. She is fearless in recognizing and changing course when needed. To me she epitomizes ATTRACTION not PROMOTION. In other words watching keenly how she manages her mind leaves me saying “I’m not sure how she does it but I want what she’s got.” She is fiercely vulnerable which I find to be the strongest attribute one can have. These qualities she was born with. The famous quote “That these things cannot be taught,” well they can because they are truly who she is.”


“Wendy took the time to really listen and work with me to figure out where I was getting stuck in my process and why I was stuck. She helped me refocus on small, easily obtainable steps instead of becoming overwhelmed by the end goal.”



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