While I am not new to blogging, I am new to blogging in this space!  I thought it would be most fitting for me to start this blog by welcoming you and telling you what life coaching is all about.  

First of all WELCOME!  This space and this role have been a dream of mine for so long. It means the world to me you are here! 

Second – you probably have a lot of questions about life coaching! 

Here is how I break it down when I meet with a new client for the first time.  

Life coaching is an awesome opportunity for you to have my undivided attention and coaching for close to an hour.  These are not cookie-cutter sessions and are not one size fits all.  You will come ready to each session with an “agenda” and an idea of what you want to work on during our session and takeaway.  Together we will explore options, thoughts, ideas, and mini-goals that help you reach that desired “takeaway”.  I ask A LOT of questions if you find you are stuck and don’t know where to begin.  If I find you veering off-topic, I will gently steer you back on track by making sure we are still working on your takeaway.  By the end of our session, you should feel a sense of relief, with a hint of nervous excitement.  Best of all, you will have a concrete action plan.  Don’t worry!  We go small and we do not decide on an action plan that is too unwieldy or too big to handle.  We go step by step.    

Life coaching is different than therapy.  I explain this by contrasting it with my experience with therapy.  I am very upfront about the fact that I have a therapist (love her!) and that it took me years before I found someone that was a good fit for me.  She helps me address old wounds, look at past experiences in a different light, and then helps me to heal those wounds as I begin to have a better understanding of my past and how it informs my experiences today.  This is not what life coaching is about – while it will be helpful and necessary for me to know pieces of your past, I cannot help you heal in the way a therapist can.  I can, however, help you get on track to living the life you want and hold you accountable.  You may need both (I know I do!).

My approach to life coaching may be different than others given my background as an attorney who made the really hard decision to leave a firm she considered home to go out on her own.  For some of you, you may be coming to me looking for real nuts and bolts advice on if you should start your own solo practice, how to do it, how to run it, and how to be successful with your time.  If this is what you seeking, please let me know when you sign up to chat with me, because, yes, I have you covered too!   

Most of my practice is 1:1, however, I do host group coaching sessions and workshops as well.  My group coaching sessions are typically on the last Sunday evening of every month.  Workshops are typically on Thursday evenings.  

I am keeping this short and sweet but hopefully, this gives you a tiny bit of insight on what life coaching is (and isn’t).  If you are ready to meet me in Zoom life and see if this is a good fit for you, please schedule that here:  https://calendly.com/wendy-lawfullylean/introductory-call 




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