My business is expanding!

In addition to coaching, I also offer consulting services to small law firms.

What does that look like? Picture this. A small law firm has this great lawyer, but for one reason or another, she isn’t living up to her full potential. She may not be carrying her weight in billable hours; she may not be responsive to clients; she may be afraid to voice her ideas in a firm-wide meeting; she may not be developing her book of business; or she may be afraid to try a case on her own.

The firm needs her to do better. The firm knows she can do better. They don’t want to lose her. They want her to see her lean into her full potential and be the person they know she is capable of being.

The lawyer wants to do better. She had her annual review with the firm and maybe feels a little embarrassed that she is not delivering the way they need her to (and how she wants to show up). She knows she has it in her; she just doesn’t know how to get there.

This is where I come in. (One of my colleagues tells me I should name this offering “Enter Wendy”). I meet with the owner or managing partner (or HR if the firm has one). I develop a keen understanding of where this lawyer is falling behind and ascertain the firm’s goals. I explain to the firm that while my feedback will be open and honest, the meat of my coaching sessions will remain confidential.

From there, I have 3 months of coaching sessions with the lawyer, checking back in with the firm as I need to.

First, I help her understand that her firm hired me as a gift and benefit. I explain that the only reason we are here together is that the firm thinks so incredibly highly of her that they have hired me as her coach to live her full potential.

My approach is friendly but firm. We both know what is on the line, and we work together with an awareness of the firm’s objectives while also developing individual goals of her own.

I help the lawyer tackle the limiting beliefs that are holding her back. I help the lawyer develop a plan for better time management. I help her win her day, both at work and at home. I help her create a self-care routine so that she can show up as her best self.

By the end? My lawyer-client is more confident, productive, and alive. My firm-client sees their hire living into her potential, bringing in work, and meeting her hourly goals.

I LOVE this work. I love acting as the intermediary, helping a small company reach its goals by inspiring its employees to be their best selves. I love the collaborative approach where no one is “in trouble,” and instead, we are all simply working on a common goal in a fashion that “feels good” to everyone involved. I love being a small part of a firm’s culture and seeing a company’s bottom line thrive. I love seeing the relief on my lawyer-client’s face on our first session and seeing her positively shine by the end of our time together. I was made for this.

If you are a small firm and might need an “Enter Wendy” for your organization, I would love to chat! Here is a link to schedule a call with me, so we can see how I can help!


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